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House Democrats Want State and Local Police Departments to Stop Working with DHS

House Democrats advised President Biden’s administration to stop programs at the

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that permit local and state police to act as Immigration

and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

60 Democrats want DHS to end the 287 (g) program, which allows DHS to contract with local

and state police departments to enforce immigration laws, effectively working as ICE agents.

The 287 (g) program started before former President Trump took office. It was expanded under

the Trump administration to receive more help from state and local departments to help ICE

deport more illegal immigrants.

Democrats also asked Biden’s administration to end the Secure Communities program, which

former President George W. Bush created. Secure Communities allows federal agents to access

fingerprints of individuals booked in jail by state and local authorities. The program violated

the constitution and a number of federal and state privacy laws. Former President Barack

Obama stopped this program in 2014, but an executive order in 2017 by former President

Trump restarted it. Democrats requested that the DHS stop asking for information on when an

individual is being released from jail and to stop issuing illegal detainers to state and local

authorities. These detainers tell authorities to hold a detainee for ICE for up to 48 hours past

when they are supposed to be released in their criminal case. The Biden administration is

currently reviewing their policies and practices regarding immigration enforcement.

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Immigration to schedule a consultation or a meeting.


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