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How will Marijuana Use Impact My Immigration Case?

Here in Colorado, recreational marijuana is legal under state law. However, marijuana in all forms (whether medical or recreational) remains illegal under federal law. Immigration law is federal law and is the same throughout the United States. Anyone who is not a citizen of the United States should not use, possess, buy, or sell marijuana. Doing any of these things will negatively impact your immigration case, even if you have a green card (meaning you are a permanent resident).

In addition to avoiding direct interaction with marijuana, you should avoid associating with the marijuana business. You should not work for the marijuana business, and you should avoid people who do so. Although federal law might change in the future, it is not worth risking your future here in the United States. If you are ever charged with a marijuana offense, you should seek advice of an immigration attorney. A conviction for a marijuana offense can make you ineligible for a green card and may lead to deportation.

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