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President Biden issues asylum restriction measures for migrants crossing the border

Following significant pressure on Biden due to his stances regarding the immigration crisis in the United States, on June 4th, the president issued a broad executive order aimed at stemming the record influx of immigrants at the US-Mexico border, which has left him politically vulnerable in an election year.

According to the BBC, under the order, which went into effect at 12:00 a.m. on June 6th, officials can swiftly expel immigrants entering the United States illegally without processing their asylum requests. "This will occur once a daily threshold is reached and the border is 'overwhelmed'," the White House said in a statement.

During a meeting with some mayors from border cities, President Biden said, "This action will help us regain control of our border."

However, while opposition parties deem the measures insufficient, activists find them unfortunate. Jennie Murray, president and CEO of the National Immigration Forum, stated, "The policy is steering the immigration conversation in an increasingly restrictive direction."

Pramila Layapal, chair of the congressional progressive caucus, expressed being "deeply disappointed" by the executive action, calling it "a step in the wrong direction."

Quoting the BBC, "Mexican media outlets have described Biden's measure as one of the toughest policies, although President Andrés Manuel López Obrador tried to downplay it, arguing that economic and cultural exchange made border closure 'impossible.'"

"In remarks to reporters on Tuesday, senior administration officials rejected comparisons with Trump-era policies, stating that the new rules would only apply during periods of increased arrivals. They mentioned exemptions would be made for unaccompanied children and trafficking victims. Meanwhile, Republicans have criticized Biden's border plan as an election-year ploy and advocated for tougher measures."

The country and the immigrants en route are awaiting how this measure will unfold in the coming days and all its short, medium, and long-term repercussions.

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