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Termination of a contract could leave many legal immigrants undocumented

Legal immigrants are in fear of losing everything they have. The Trump Administration decided

to decrease printing work permits and green cards for immigrants, leaving many

undocumented. The company in charge of printing green cards and employment authorizations

had their contract expire mid-June of 2020. The facility in Corbin, Kentucky, shut down its

production completely, while Lee’s Summit, Missouri, has been operating at reduced capacity.

Congress will have to approve a loan of 1.2 billion dollars for the U.S. Citizenship and

Immigration Services (USCIS) to be able to contact the company. The number of immigrants

that are anxiously waiting for their documentation is high. Some immigrants have already

completed the required credentials to become a legal immigrant. The process takes years, and

they are now waiting for proof of legality.

Legal permanent residents are required by the Immigration and Nationality Act to carry their

green cards at all times. Misdemeanors, fines, and possible jail time are the consequences of

not carrying their green card. Immigrants must also show their green cards for reentry to the

United States and when applying for a job. The delay in printing legal documents has caused an

increase in inquiries that are not being addressed.

Applicants and immigration attorneys believed delays were caused by the pandemic, not

realizing that there is a much bigger problem taking precedence. The status of an application

can be found online, but there have been no updates, leaving many immigrants wondering

about the status of their applications. Terminating the contract with this company is another

step that the Trump Administration has taken to suppress legal immigration.

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