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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services begging for a Bailout

The President Trump Administration has been attacking immigrants since the first day of his

campaign rallies. It has been three years since President Trump took office and slowly U.S.

Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has been hemorrhaging money. This is not due to

a lack of applicants however, it is the result of the diminishing number of immigrants being

allowed to apply for services. USCIS functions on applicant fees, but with the strict new

immigration sanctions, the organization needs an immediate bailout. USCIS is asking Congress

for $1.2 billion from taxpayers claiming to be a victim of coronavirus when the reality is that

they were in financial trouble before the pandemic even started.

USCIS increased its fees last year due to budget deficits. The organization plans on doubling its

fraud detention unit and creating a denaturalization task force. This task force takes away

citizenships from immigrants who have been proven guilty of cheating on their application

forms. USCIS is now demanding more evidence and mandatory in-person interviews. Minor

paperwork issues can cause an application to be rejected. An applicant who does not provide a

middle name on the application form can be rejected. These updates will result in USCIS

employing excessive resources and unnecessary work-hours to process every application. USCIS

will be collecting immigrants' money while denying them fair treatment.

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