Paula Kohoutek works as a legal assistant at Pikes Peak Immigration. She is originally from Colombia. She moved to Idaho in 2002 and married a military service member in 2014. Paula and her husband have three children together. The Army brought her and her husband to Fort Carson, Colorado in 2014. 


Paula graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in 2020 with a BA in Criminal Justice. She is passionate about helping our community members. Paula is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has experienced first-hand the struggles of our immigration system. This has inspired her to work to help immigrants here in Colorado. Paula cares about immigrants and she understands the challenges of U.S. immigration because she immigrated to the United States. She has a great rapport with our clients, and she works hard to help families stay together.


Paula enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, trying new foods, and helping others. 


Paul has provided expert counseling services for over 40 years to individuals, couples, families, business partners, and people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you have suffered an assault, lost someone, or are having relationship issues, think about visiting a counselor. Speak with him today to start working toward a better mental state.


Conflicts of any sort can cost a great deal of time and money to resolve. A more cost and time effective process is mediation. A mediator like Paul is a trained, neutral, third party who creates a safe environment for parties to discuss the issues and come to a mutually agreeable resolution. The mediator is not meant to be a decision maker, but a guardian of the process. Paul J. Schweinler has 25 years of experience with providing mediation services and can help solve your disputes in a timely manner.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Paul is an expert in Traumatic Stress with over 40 years of experience responding to crisis and traumatic events both nationally and internationally. It is critical for managers and employees to receive help during a crisis. Paul can provide a wide variety of services to support management and personnel for your business in a critical situation.


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