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President Biden is still using private prisons for migrants

During the presidential campaign, President Biden promised to fight to end private prisons,

which hold migrants crossing illegally into the United States. Nearly three years into his

presidency, these private prisons are still open and profiting from increased illegal crossings.

Migrants are being held in private prisons rather than federal prisons.

During the Trump administration, 81 percent of immigrants were detained in private facilities

daily, according to data released by the American Civil Liberties Union. Since 2021, there has

been a record number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border, which means the overall

number of immigrants in private detention centers has increased. Now the percentage has

risen to 90 percent under the Biden administration.

One private detention facility being used is CoreCivic’s Torrance County Detention Facility in

Estancia, New Mexico. This facility was inspected by DHS in 2022, which ordered all detainees

to be moved out of the facility. The report found staffing shortages, mold, and unsanitary living

conditions. This facility remains open.

If you or anyone you know is currently held in a private migrant facility, please call Pikes Peak

Immigration to schedule a consultation.


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