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USCIS will end the 540-day automatic extension to work authorizations

Work authorization applications have been backlogged for quite some time. USCIS cannot keep

up with the number of applications they receive, causing EAD recipients to fear losing

employment due to their work permit expirations. However, USCIS created a temporary rule

allowing an automatic extension of 540 days for some employment authorization renewals filed

before October 26, 2023. Renewal applications filed after October 26, 2023, will receive an

automatic 180-day extension.

To be eligible for the extension, your work permit application must be filed before it expires and

be under a qualifying category. Some of these categories are pending asylum applications,

pending adjustment of status, granted TPS, refugee, and asylee. For a more detailed list of the

qualifying categories, please visit

If you or anyone you know would benefit from the automatic extension, please call Pikes Peak

Immigration to schedule a consultation.

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