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Attention Green Card Applicants: The End of Form I-944

The United States Supreme Court has ruled to dismiss any cases challenging the creation of the Affidavit of Self Sufficiency(Form I-944) as part of the Public Charge rule, which former President Trump put in place. This form required immigrants applying to get their green card to fill out a 20-page Form I-944 to provide information regarding their assets, debts, education, English language ability, immigration fee waivers, and any use of public benefits by members of their household such as housing assistance and life-saving health care. Immigrants can now apply for their green card without completing the Form I-944 and all the evidence it required. Most immigrants are not eligible for most public benefits, but their U.S. citizen children are eligible if their household income falls below the poverty guidelines and they meet the other requirements. Immigrant households can now get the benefits they need without fear that they will lose the opportunity to become green cardholders.

The Affidavit of Self Sufficiency has caused many immigrants whose families need government assistance to reject it for fear that their green card would be denied.The Trump administration claimed that it was created in the country's best interest to guarantee that immigrants could be self-sufficient, but it was criticized as an unfair barrier to poor immigrant families.

If you have any questions regarding how this may impact your case, please call Pikes Peak Immigration to schedule a consultation or a meeting.

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