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Lawsuit Over Illegal Imprisonment at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has Ended.

Saul Cisneros was detained by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office for misdemeanor charges in

2018. The El Paso County Sherriff's Office failed to release him after Mr. Cisneros's daughter

posted bail. Mr. Cisneros filed a plaintiff in the ACLU of Colorado's state court in 2018 to end

the former sheriff's policy. Sheriff Bill Elder refused to release detainees who had posted bail or

resolved their criminal charges if they were suspected of immigration violations by federal

immigration authorities.

After five years of litigation, Judge Eric Bentley with the El Paso County district court ruled that

former Sheriff Elder's actions of keeping detainees in jail after posting bail based on ICE

documents violated the Colorado legislature. As a result, House Bill 19-1124 prohibits all

Colorado law enforcement officers from arresting or detaining individuals based on ICE

documents. This House Bill went into effect in 2019.

ACLU lawyers requested that Mr. Cisneros receive compensation for false imprisonment for

being held illegally in jail in a separate lawsuit. Sheriff Elder argued that a Colorado

Governmental Immunity Act granted him immunity from the suit. The district court, the Court

of Appeals, and the Colorado Supreme Court saw the lawsuit. On its second stop by the Court

of Appeals, the court denied the claims of Sheriff Elder that the ACT granted him immunity. As a

result, Mr. Cisneros's compensation for false imprisonment was cleared and settled. Mr.

Cisneros was offered $25,000 for his compensation by the El Paso County.

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