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U.S. Embassy Opens In Cuba

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, the United States reopened their long closed legal pathway for Cuban

migrants by resuming all visa services at its embassy in Havana for the first time since 2017. Though the

embassy has expanded such services in a limited capacity since May, it is now likely that the U.S. will be

able to give at least 20,000 visas a year. Many Cubans are fleeing Cuba’s failing economy and seeking to

reunite with family that are within the United States. In December 2022, it was reported that 34,675

Cubans have been stopped along the Mexico border during November 2022. By reopening the embassy

in Havana, Cubans do not need to resort to flying into Central America and make the journey north or

attempt to navigate Florida Straits. Cuban Deputy of Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cossio Dominguez said in November that “ensuring migration through safe and legal pathways is a mutual objective” by both Cuba and the United States. Unfortunately, restrictions on tourist travel to Cuba and the imports and exports of many goods are still in place.


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